March 19th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 20 March 2016

We prove the old adage "Doctors make the worst patients" when John encounters the Patient From Hell: HIS dentist Ray.

(Strip Number 6698, Original Publication Date, 22 March 1987)

Panel 1: We find ourselves at John's clinic today. As he carries an instrument tray, he tells Jean to send in the next patient.

Panel 2: The next patient is a scowling man named Ray. John tries to buddy up to him but Ray ain't with it.

Panel 3: As he gets seated, Ray tells John to shape up because he kept him waiting twenty minutes.

Panel 4: Ray tells John to get this over with because he'd rather be anywhere than the dentist's office.

Panel 5: Super-Demanding Ray tells John not to do anything that doesn't need to be done.

Panel 6: As John works on the man, Ray could give Elly lessons on flipping out.

Panel 7: Now that the delightful experience that is Ray is over, John tells him "See you again in six months."

Panel 8: Jean comments on what a pain in the neck Captain Impossible was and how he's the most difficult patient they've had in a whole before asking John who Ray is supposed to be.

Panel 9: Gobsmacked John simply says "MY dentist" and leaves it at that.

Summary: We can probably expect Lynn to comment on how it is that Rod himself was a difficult patient followed by a sweeping generalization about medical professionals as a whole.