March 12th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 13 March 2016

We find the kids sending Marian a hug by mail for her birthday.

(Strip Number 6161, Original Publication Date, 15 March 1987)

Panel 1: We find Mike in the garage grabbing a large roll of scrap wallpaper.

Panel 2: Lizzie grabs a pair of scissors out of Elly's sewing kit.

Panel 3: Mike lays down on the floor, outstretches his arms over the paper and tells Lizzie to draw an outline of his arms.

Panel 4: He then cuts the pattern Lizzie made out of the paper.

Panel 5: Having made the whatever, Mike tells Lizzie to wrap it around him to see how far their arts and crafts project will reach.

Panel 6: Elly arrives on scene and, since everything her children does alarms her and must by definition be bad, asks them what they're doing.

Panel 7: Mike reminds her that it's Grandma's birthday before explaining that why they're doing what they're doing is that they didn't know what to buy her.

Panel 8: Lizzie says that therefore, they're sending her a hug. As they show Elly the 'hug' they made her, she reads the message signed in their names ("Wrap this around you and hold it tight! Happy Birthday Grandma.") and smiles.

Summary: While this is a cute strip, it is slightly marred by Elly's default assumption that whatever she catches her children doing must be no good and designed solely to ruin her. If her kids are harmless kids not plotting her ruin, she then becomes a paranoid basket-case worrying about nothing like her mother says and that would be bad.