February 19th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 20 February 2016

When Paula delivers a big, stupid ultimatum designed to pressure Lizzie into feel guilty about being nice to someone she herself envies and hates, Lizzie wishes she were grown up so she didn't have to deal with idiocy like this.

(Strip Number 4768, Original Publication Date, 20 February 1987)

Panel 1: Shit-Disturbing Paula acts all wounded and stuff when she makes Lizzie wanting to be friends with Melody into a capital offense.

Panel 2: She then lays on the guilt about how Lizzie clearly doesn't want to be her friend any more while shutting down Lizzie's attempts to talk to her.

Panel 3: Since there can clearly only be ONE best friend, Lizzie has to decide who it's gonna be.

Panel 4: As the huffy little snot acts all martyred because she has to be nice to someone who makes her feel insecure, Elizabeth says that she wishes she was her mom's age because she erroneously believes that grown-ups don't have these kinds of problems.

Summary: While Paula is a passing evil, ELizabeth's mistaken belief that adults are wiser than kids endures and eventually makes her settle for Assthony. Every so often, Mike proves that he's evil by saying that they don't know much more than kids do and also aren't any better behaved.