December 19th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Lizzie finds it difficult to wait to tear into her gifts because children are greedy and impatient.

(Strip Number 6159, Original Publication Date, 21 December 1986)

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching Elly ask Mike why he's circling a date on a calendar.

Panel 2: He explains that he's circling Christmas so they don't forget it.

Panel 3: He then sets up the punchline by coming into the living room and explaining to Lizzie that it's five days until Christmas. (In the original, it was four days.)

Panel 4: They have to get through Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then CHRISTMAS!!!

Panel 5: He reiterates that they just have to wait FIVE more days, ONLY FIVE MORE DAYS! (Again, originally four.)

Panel 6: He's walking on air because they have five (previously four) sweet, wonderful days to go.

Panel 7: Lizzie picks up a toy catalog.

Panel 8: She stares the sad, confused, blank-eyed frown I think of when I hear the name "Lizzie Patterson" directly at us because she thinks that she's been shortchanged.

Panel 9: She then yells that she wants it NOW!!!!!!

Summary: Expect a Little Lindy show about how cruel her evil mother was for insisting that she wait her turn like everyone else. Well, that or something about how greedy and selfish children are these days, it wasn't like that when we were young, oh, NO! Don't, however, expect a reminder that she'd had to tweak the dialog.)