December 4th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 5 December 2015

We end the week with Lizzie delighting in the fact that to make up for a depressing day at school, the angels made it snow just for her.

(Strip Number 10926, Original Publication Date, 6 December 1986)

Panel 1: As she walks home from the bus stop, Lizzie notices that it's really snowing it. This delights her because she really wanted it to snow that day.

Panel 2: She then thought-bubbles that she knew angels must exist.

Panel 3: After all, someone must be up there making it snow just for her.

Summary: This belief in a mechanistic world would be harmless in and of itself. The problem is that she never quite grows out of it and laments the fact that it took years for the angels to guide her to Frakking BLANDTHONY. In that instance, she delighted in the fact that insane fallen angels made up for her having to pay the price for brainlessly jerking Paul and Warren around by giving her a morose amoeba-brain husband who thinks of her as an object that cleans, cooks and plays nanny.