December 2nd, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Patrick (or at least I think his name is Patrick because that's what Lynn called a bland, blond, freckled boy Lizzie knows) shows Elizabeth the advantage of having compressible sandwich filling.

(Strip Number 1232, Original Publication Date, 4 December 1986)

Panel 1: We find ourselves in the cafeteria because it's lunch break. The boy I believe is called Patrick tells Lizzie that he's got a white bread and honey sandwich.

Panel 2: He then asks her if she knows what the best thing about a white bread and honey sandwich is.

Panel 3: He presses down on it.

Panel 4: When he shows her the sheet he's made of it and explains that you can flatten it, she says GOSH! in amazement.

Summary: While this is cute, I kind of hear a vacuum cleaner in the background and sense that someone is riding the benzoyl peroxide train. Heh. Watch there be notes about this going THIS IS THE TRUTH!!! THIS HAPPENED!!!!