November 28th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 29 November 2015

For some reason, Elly and Mike both blame his being something of a moocher on Farley.

(Strip Number 7032, Original Publication Date, 30 November 1986)

Panel 1: We see Mike smiling as he holds a cookie.

Panel 2: Mike notices that Farley is staring at him eating. He thinks Farley is begging but all that's happened is that Farley has been trained to think that if he stares at them in a certain way, they always feed him for some reason.

Panel 3: Mike eats the cookie as if to tell Farley that it's his cookie and he has food. Since Farley is a dog, he stands his ground because he knows that he's 'supposed' to get a bit of whatever people eat whenever he makes a submission gesture.

Panel 4: Farley gives him the sad-looking stare because he knows that if he does a certain thing, the people will give him what he wants. He doesn't know why it works but it always does.

Panel 5: As Mike gives in, he rolls his eyes in disgust at Farley for being a moocher and himself for falling for his blandishments.

Panel 6: Mike watches Farley messily eat the food he shouldn't have.

Panel 7: Michael then goes to Elly, who is baking cookies and uses the same technique to get another one.

Panel 8: He gives her the sad stare as if his belly thinks his throat is cut.

Panel 9: As Elly gives in, she rolls her eyes in disgust at Mike for being a moocher and herself for falling for his blandishments.

Panel 10: As she watches him eat the cookie, Elly asks Mike where he picked up this begging habit.

Summary: Again, Farley isn't begging for anything. He's been trained to look at people with a wide-eyed, longing-LOOKING stare and to whimper at them because he associates a gesture and a noise that he sometimes makes with getting the food he's been trained to expect. Mike, on the other hand, is a moocher of the worst sort.

What the last week of November, 1986 was supposed to look like

As we have discussed, Lynn Johnston had a set of comic strips all ready for the last full week of November when someone reminded her that she was one of the co-coordinators for the Comic Relief artists supporting USA for Africa Foundation on the U.S. Thanksgiving Day in 1986. Lynn had to redo her comic strips for the week to support a storyline about how Farley the dog has hip dysplasia and has to go on a diet and this was somehow related to hunger in Africa. The whole thing sounds extremely disorganized and that was probably one of the reasons it was the last year they did that.

Anyway, I will present the strips originally planned for the week and discuss them after the cut.
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