November 25th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

American Thanksgiving Day 2015

Mike tries really hard to convince Elly to violate doctor's orders to not overfeed Farley the wrong damned thing by pointing out that even if we can't see the dog beg for the scraps he shouldn't have, he still wants them.

(Strip Number 4722, Original Publication Date, 27 November 1986)

Panel 1: We find the Pattersons at the dinner table. As always, Farley is begging for the table scraps he should never been allowed to expect in the first place. Not as always, Elly has a doctor's advice to deny him the beloved harmful items. As always, Mike doesn't get the point of things when he whines that since there's so much good stuff, it's cruel to deny Farley what he should never been allowed to have.

Panel 2: He doubles down on being a stupid idiot by asking Elly how she can Farley's pleading face.

Panel 3: Elly solves the immediate problem when she puts Farley outside.

Panel 4: When Michael says that just because you cannot see someone, it does not mean they're not hungry, we get beaten over the head with a message.

Summary: I should think that if there are notes for this, Lynn would probably remind us of the fact that everyone was told to produce a strip about hunger and the need to think of the less fortunate. Too bad the real Lynn shines through this Saturday. Anyhow, happy Turkey Day from us up North. Enjoy the Macy's parade, the company of family and the insane idiots killing each other over home electronics you'll be running into Friday.