November 21st, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The first great zits-and-vacuuming thing is a bit of pointlessness about Elly and a nose whistle.

(Strip Number 7231, Original Publication Date, 23 November 1986)

Panel 1: It's nighttime at the Patterson house and we find Elly sleeping. As she does so, a sort of whistling "EEEEEEEEEEE" noise emanates from her nostrils.

Panel 2: Said noise wakes her up.

Panel 3: She tries to sleep but the noise won't go away.

Panel 4: Its continued presence angers her more.

Panel 5: She is both horrified and astonished when she realizes that it's coming from her turnip-like proboscis.

Panel 6: She reaches over to her nightstand and grabs onto some tissue.

Panel 7: Her violently blowing her nose startles John awake.

Panel 8: He asks her what the [BOXCAR] is WRONG with her that she'd do that.

Panel 9: She angrily slams her head onto the pillow.

Panel 10: The bleary-eyed wreck says that she can't sleep with a nose whistle.

Summary: Neither, it seems, can John. Ah, well. For sickness and in health, right? He should have known going in that there would be sleepless nights and Elly obsessing over something baffling. Since he's soft and stupid, this is a calamity instead of business as usual.