October 29th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 30 October 2015

The girl the Pattersons hired to baby-sit likes having company when she watches horror movies.

(Strip Number 4703, Original Publication Date, 31 October 1986)

Panel 1: We shift focus to the Pattermanse as Mike reminds Lizzie that it's ever neat that they have a baby-sitter because she might let them stay up late to watch scary movies.

Panel 2: The ever neat scary movie is "Gutsuckers from Space Warp III" with the Thing and Alien (and possibly Norman Fell as Zeus.)

Panel 3: Since Mike remembers that Mom usually hires kids who can be trusted to pledge allegiance to their normal bedtimes, Mike is surprised that Sandi isn't sending them to bed.

Panel 4: As they watch the Grade Z clinker, she asks if he's crazy or something because she doesn't want to watch movies like that alone.

Summary: Look for either a thing that has Lynn piss herself because Aaron liked bad monster movies or a Little Lindy show that defames a dead woman for not patting a lazy git on the head and praising her for breathing.

The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston Part XXI – Ursula’s Sisters – Monica and Unity

We have pretty much covered all the controversial stuff in The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston, so now I want to go to the stuff that she has not mentioned before in her prior biographies. Lynn’s sole mention of her aunt, Unity Bainbridge was in her 10th anniversary collection:

I was going to be an artist like my Aunt Unity.

For her aunt, Monica Reznick, Lynn has this comment in her Treasury #1:

This is my mother’s story. During the Depression, she bought a chocolate rabbit as a gift for her sister, but she couldn’t resist tasting it. Monica received her rabbit minus the ears.

Lynn discusses her aunts in much greater length in The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston than she ever has before and we will talk about them after the cut.

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