October 9th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 10 October 2015

John is gobsmacked when the kids use the encyclopedia he bought to press leaves. He shouldn't be because neither he or Elly actually read to them.

(Strip Number 1095, Original Publication Date, 11 October 1986)

Panel 1: Elizabeth asks Daddy to lookit the autumn leaves she an'Mike brought in because each one is diff'rent an'there are even some they don't recognize.

Panel 2: She then says that Mike says that they hafta use the encyclopedias.

Panel 3: John is happy that Michael is getting out the encyclopedias because he thinks that the thousand bucks on them he spent is finally coming in handy.

Panel 4: When he finds out that the kids are using the $1,000 set of books for pressing leaves, he goes all gobsmacked.

Summary: He should not be because there's a factor he doesn't know about that has dedicated herself to destroy any interest the children might have in reading. Said factor has made the library a no-Patterchild zone and screams a blue streak when children don't handle books to her satisfaction.

The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston Part XVI – Behold the Contract Arrives, But When?

To recap, the chronology as I understand it is this:

February. Lynn and Rod get married. Only Alan attends.
Rod starts his second year of dental school.
Rod starts his third year of dental school
Lynn is pregnant with Katie.
Hi Mom! Hi Dad! is published
Rod starts his fourth and final year of dental school
Do They Ever Grow Up? is published.
Rod graduates from dental school.
The family moves to Lynn Lake, Manitoba.

As we go through this next part, where the contract falls in this chronology will be a bit confusing which we will discuss after the cut.

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