September 30th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 1 October 2015

We begin an arc in which Mike doesn't realize why Farley won't eat his dog food with his making an aside about how they must starve dogs to get them to eat kibble that they don't like the taste of.

(Strip Number 1089, Original Publication Date, 2 October 1986)

Panel 1: We find Mike trying to feed a very reluctant Farley by telling him that he's eating Bitso-Beefo dog food, the kibble with a PRIZE inside.

Panel 2: Farley is not moved by Mike's pitch about it having moist little chunks with color-coded flavor bits shaped like Doggy's favourite toys.

Panel 3: He goes on to praise the real beef stew flavor but Farley is having none of it.

Panel 4: As Farley saunters off, Michael thinks the dogs on television are starved.

Summary: I remember reading a book written by a guy who directed commercials who said that is something they used to do but the dogs got too enthusiastic so they stopped doing it. What they did afterwards is put a little of the dog food on top of something Fido actually likes. In any event, we end up being reminded that what Farley actually likes is 'whatever Mike feeds him at dinner time.'

The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston Part XI – Bernhard Thor

To recap, the chronology as I understand it is this:

1968 – Lynn and Doug move to Dundas, Ontario. Doug works at CHCH-TV. Lynn fails to get a job in animation, but instead takes a job at McMaster University and does freelance work on the side.
1970 – Rod Johnston graduates from Ryerson with his degree in Radio/TV and begins work as a props guy at CHCH-TV. Lynn admits she likes Rod. Lynn also admits that she hangs around CHCH-TV to help out, which would give her time to meet Rod.
1972 – Farley is purchased. Lynn wants a baby. Doug does not. They fight about having the baby.

We will discuss what happens next after the cut.

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