September 22nd, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 23 September 2015: The greedy child, the needy child, the disappointing child.

We go back right again to Mike being a clingy, needy idiot who doesn't want Elly to have a life of her own because Aaron has to be pummeled into oblivion for expressing the EVIL desire to have a mother once in a while.

(Strip Number 4682, Original Publication Date, 24 September 1986)

Panel 1: Michael complains that Elly is never home now that she's working to save the Old Town Hall Theatre.

Panel 2: Elly says Michael is always out himself as a means to trying to get the short-sighted dumbass to see that his expectation that she chain herself to the stove just because he's needy and stupid is wrong.

Panel 3: She too has things she wants to do and she has her own life to lead.

Panel 4: Idiot Michael would like her to lead it without going anywhere or leaving home.

Summary: This, as I've said, is probably in response to a younger Aaron's tendency to not realize that he was stuck with Lynn Johnston, the celebrity while Lynn-the-mother was simply a Lynn Lake-induced fluke that he had no real right to expect.