September 2nd, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 3 September 2015

It would appear school failure has arrived fairly early for Lizzie as someone forgot to read the list for school supplies and thus left her without.

(Strip Number 1086, Original Publication Date, 4 September 1986)

Panel 1: Miss Blais tells the class that they should all have an eraser and two pencils and to hold them up. As her blond-haired, freckle-faced seat-mate does so, Lizzie realizes that all of her school supplies are at home and starts to wilt.

Panel 2: She then says that everyone should have a ruler and box of crayons and to hold them up. Lizzie slumps further into despair as she cannot do that.

Panel 3: She also cannot hold up glue and safety scissors that are at home and has pretty much collapsed.

Panel 4: When the judgmental drone asks if anyone has forgotten their pencil case, Lizzie looks to be trying to disappear.

Summary: While this may or may not be Anthony she's sitting next to, it's clear as all Hell to me that Liz's career of being a terrible student starts here. As we'll see, the first teacher she gets colors the experience and, as we'll see, Miss Idi....Blais sees Lizzie as being a PROBLEM because she doesn't act exactly like the other production units that have to have arithmetic and hand-writing installed.