September 1st, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lizzie's teacher Miss Blais overestimates how ready children are to make friends with a group of random and terrifying strangers.

(Strip Number 1085, Original Publication Date, 3 September 1986)

Panel 1: Miss Blais welcomes her class of first graders to their first day of school.

Panel 2: She says that she knows that they can't wait to make friends and asks all of the children to turn to their neighbor and shake hands.

Panel 3: This does not go well because we're dealing with a group of shy children who are all equally terrified of one another.

Summary: We can probably expect a Little Lindy show about how terrifying people we don't know are and how dominance must be established in order to stave off destruction. This is because we'd have to be nuts to expect her to talk about Katie's childhood because doing so would reveal her to be a career woman using a Mavis.

The Move is Coming

As you may be aware, Lynn and Katie are preparing to move from Ontario to British Columbia (clear across Canada) in the next few weeks, so we’re closing our shop while they make the trek.

You would only be aware of this if you followed Lynn's interviews about the Art of Gallery of Sudbury. This is the first mention here. Instead of farming this stuff off to someone who knows what they are doing, apparently Katie has opted to lug the Farley golf club covers all the way to the west coast.

You have until next week (we’re tentatively saying the evening of Thursday September 3rd) to place your order, and we expect the store will be offline until around October 8th.

It is going to take a month to move all of Lynn's stuff in other words.

When we come back, we might not be able to do prints right away (we need to find someone local), so now is a good time to place any print orders you might be considering!

More proof that Katie is still going to run the store herself. Oh, Katie! You may have gotten Lynn to agree to move but apparently you still haven't gotten her to agree to hire professionals to do her merchandising.

The Real Moira Kinney

You may recollect that Elly Patterson worked at and owned Lilliput’s book store which was based on the real-life Gulliver’s book store in North Bay, Ontario. Eventually Elly sold the Lilliput's business to her employee and former co-worker Moira Kinney.

In 2013, Gulliver’s was about to close shop because the store’s owners Suzanne and Bernard Brooks wanted to retire, but could find no buyer. To celebrate this, Lynn Johnston put together a party to drink and celebrate the end of Gulliver’s {Fill in your favourite Lynn Johnston drinking joke}, which she talked about here:

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