August 22nd, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 23 August 2015

We begin the transition to the new era with the first in a series of strips that has Elly suffer from the delusion that Farley understands what she's saying. Today, she's going to end up with the mistaken impression that he's deliberately disobeying her because the poor animal doesn't know what she's yelling at him about again.

(Strip Number 7051, Original Publication Date, 24 August 1986)

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching Farley digging up a bunch of bedding plants that are right next to the house.

Panel 2: Since he's saying "Aaaah" like a cartoon dog as he lays down in the hole he dug, it's sort of obvious that he did so because it's that just right spot for napping I keep hinting at.

Panel 3: Farley snores peacefully; he won't do so for long.

Panel 4: This is because he's woken when Elly screams his name.

Panel 5: She then asks what he's doing in her garden because she has the mistaken impression that he has the ability to know what she means.

Panel 6: She then confuses the holy living shit out of him by trying to make him look at what he did.

Panel 7: Picky-faces who won't let Lynn talk because they hate her say hurtful and cruel things about how Farley is only responding to the tone of Elly's voice when her ranting about what a bad dog he is makes him adopt an appeasement display to stop the yelling that happens for no reason he can ever understand.

Panel 8: They continue their malicious campaign to silence both Lynn and Elly when they say "He doesn't understand what Elly is yelling about when she bellows 'STAY OUT OF MY GARDEN!! JUST STAY OUT!!!'"

Panel 9: Elly storms off somewhere to bellow at someone else.

Panel 10: Once she leaves, Farley resumes his nice little nap in that really good warm spot that for some reason, always seems to have plants in it.

Summary: This sort of nonsense is why I came up with that ridiculous concept for the 2017 wall calendar. This is because howtheduck could easily create a list of all the times that Elly made a big fool out of herself because she never got it through her thick skull that she could never, EVER bargain with Farley sincerely enough or bellow at him loudly enough to make him understand what she wanted of him because dogs don't understand English.

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