July 25th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Today's strip is the first hint we have that Elly shares Lynn's antipathy towards the evil computers that evil people use to say evil things like "I used to like these people before the strip turned into a war on straw men." This is because Elly makes an astonishingly ignorant comment and is proud of it.

(Strip Number 7222, Original Publication Date, 27 July 1986)

Panel 1: This panel establishes the "children waste their lives in front of silly computers" Aesop with Mike and Brian transfixed by the devil machine that allows haters to tell Lynn to her face that Anthony is an ass.

Panel 2: Since Lynn's brain came to a screeching halt about the same time Jay Ward Productions got shut out of the Saturday morning line-up, Brian wants to see what other words are 'in'.

Panel 3: We start things off with Mike telling Elly that he and Brian have just learned how to program a jumping man on a PC.

Panel 5: Elly is unimpressed when Mike talks about the hours of work he and Brian spent and (since all she sees is confusing nonsense) the code printout.

Panel 6: She pays them a lukewarm compliment while she makes a flip-book in a few minutes that does "the same thing."

Panel 7: They're as impressed by her crude jumping man as she is by their video game sprite.

Panel 8: She pays them a left-handed compliment about the work they put in that reminds us that she simply doesn't see the point of spending all that time on something she can do in seconds.

Panel 9: Michael tells Brian that he thinks that they've just witnessed the generation gap.

Summary: We can probably expect a smug comment that has Lynn be baffled by people who put in a lot of work to do well at things she can do poorly much faster wrapped up in an envelope of Luddite malice directed at people like us and perhaps Kevin Strang. That being said, it's less the device used (as evidenced by how quickly she adopted texting) than the time spent getting good at something that really seems to get on her nerves. As the trumpet saga tells us, Lynn wants to be able to do things instantly so that she doesn't have to be taunted by those who clearly only become skilled to make fun of her and make her feel bad.