June 18th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 19 June 2015

Now that it's summer vacation, Mike is all about the idea of having Elly drive him and Lizzie around to do stuff only to get all gobsmacked when she no-sells him. The reason for his confusion is that he never quite manages to admit to himself that she's not his God-damned servant.

(Strip Number 1054, Original Publication Date, 21 June 1986)

Panel 1: Now that it's summer vacation, an excited Mike tells Lizzie that he wants to go camping an'fishing an'swimming because he wants to go some place. Since he can't drive and since television and his own selfishness tell him that Elly will gladly drop everything because he wants something, this requires her to be his bloody chauffeur.

Panel 2: He then sends Lizzie in to ask Mom if they can go some place right now.

Panel 3: When she comes back, Mike asks Lizzie if Mom said they could go some place. Lizzie says yes, she did.

Panel 4: She then makes Mike all gobsmacked when she tells him that Mom packed them a lunch and told them to be home by six.

Summary: The reason for Mike's shock is that he can never quite seem to admit that no, Elly doesn't like being his chauffeur because that would mean that she's a human being with needs and hopes and goals when he sees her as being just a mom.