May 1st, 2015

Indignant Candiru

Saturday, 2 May 2015: John Patterson must die.

We end the week with a reminder with a reminder that John will always see Elly's having an identity that isn't completely dependent on his own as a threat to his masculinity.

(Strip Number 1047, Original Publication Date, 3 May 1986)

Panel 1: At the Dental Clinic, John mentions that Elly has changed since she got published by being more excited and happy than she's been in years.

Panel 2: Jean tells the dope that this is to be expected because she's gotten a new career and identity out of it.

Panel 3: Rock-ribbed Neanderthal John irritates John by asking what's wrong with being Mrs. Dr. John Patterson because he's an evil, conflict-causing MAN who thinks that women and children are his chattel property.

Panel 4: As Jean sprays him with the water pik, John reminds himself that he should never fool with feminism.

Summary: Given that Rod actually supported Lynn, this sort of thing must have irritated him. Something else that irritated him was Lynn's constant refusal to see that it wasn't fair to make him pay for what he assumed to be Doug's sins because of her need for the strip to be all lies whenever people were made uncomfortable or inconvenienced by what she did. Also, I like MY take on this a lot better.