January 31st, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 1 February 2015

We find ourselves bearing witness to the real reason why nothing seems to get done in Elly's life; simply put, she finds the ironing to be so overwhelming that she'll find any excuse to avoid it.

(Strip Number 7207, Original Publication Date, 2 February 1986)

Panel 1: We find Elly standing around thought-bubbling that she's got the whole house to herself and all she's got to do....

Panel 2: ...is the ironing. Since she's in despair because a world where she has to iron clothes has left her in despair, I should think that Lynn is trying to pander to every woman who's ever seen ironing as being simply the worst chore ever.

Panel 3: Since she looks at what's probably an hour's work and actually thought-GROANS!!!, I think my previous remark is a pretty good bet.

Panel 4: Suddenly, she raises The Extended Finger Of Realization™ when she remembers that they might be out of milk so she needs to get to the market.

Panel 5: Once she comes back, she looks at the pile and thought-groans yet again.

Panel 6: She then does the extended-finger thing when she remembers that she needs to write a book review for the upcoming month.

Panel 7: Once this is done, she goes back and thought-bubbles yet another groan of misery.

Panel 8: Again, she does the extended-finger thing when she conveniently remembers that she promised to drop off Mike's old hand-me-downs to Annie.

Panel 9: When John gets home from work, he asks Elly, who's serving up dinner, how her day was. She tells him that it was hectic.

Panel 10: To begin with, she spent all day trying to get to the ironing. Since he's a sucker, he doesn't realize that what she REALLY does all day is try to find excuses to avoid a chore she hates.

Summary: This one is probably going to have a Lynnsight about how dull and boring ironing is and how little it's appreciated. It's not going to have one about how Lynn likes to duck tasks she finds boring like doing proper research, learning her times table or learning how to spell properly and punctuate sentences coherently.