January 14th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Today's strip has John and Elly do nothing but whine about the fact that Jim and Marian decide to overrule them at every single turning.

(Strip Number 4551, Original Publication Date, 16 January 1986)

Panel 1: It's late in the evening and John and Elly are trying to get the kids into bed; when Elly tells Lizzie that it's bedtime, Lizzie says that Grandma said she could stay up until 8:30.

Panel 2: When John tells Mike to put the toys away, Mike tells him that Grandpa said he could do it tomorrow.

Panel 3: When Elly panics because Mike is eating a bowl of Sugar Soggs before bed, she's told that Grandma said it was okay.

Panel 4: An exasperated Elly sits on the couch with John and complains that there are too many parents in the house.

Summary: Again, we're left dealing with the fact that Jim and Marian don't have to clean up the mess they make overruling John and Elly. The idea is to spoil them, walk away and let someone else clean up the mess.