January 9th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Selfish idiot John witlessly insults Elly's cooking despite her sitting a few feet away from him.

(Strip Number 1004, Original Publication Date, 9 January 1986)

Panel 1: When Grandma Marian puts another super meal on the table, John is very vocal about his enthusiasm.

Panel 2: Elly smiles when Marian tells John he shouldn't praise her cooking as loudly as he does because he knows that he married a woman who makes wonderful dinners.

Panel 3: Elly's enjoyment of her mother's praise is short lived when John insults her by stating that they haven't eaten like this since the freezer broke down.

Summary: The irritating thing about this is not that yet again, insensitive oaf John ridicules an Elly he knows is in earshot because she's too old to be sensitive. The irritating thing is that the Lynnsight is all about an incident wherein they had to empty out the freezer and eat old leftovers. Also, Lynn serves this joke up as a leftover in a year and a half from now when John yet again is way too happy to have Marian's cooking laid in.