Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Saturday, January 20

Panel 1: Oh, ugh. It sounds like she's ready to submit to him as the captain of her heart. One point in his favor, from Liz's standpoint: "Ready to roll?" is what John says, so that's one way in which Warren is "like Dad!" Or does everyone in Ontario say that?

Panel 2: Oh lord, here it comes.

Panel 3: Oh, CRUD. Why? Why do we only get a hit on the predictions we DON'T want to be accurate? I would say I hope he's about to say "HA-ha!" but we know that won't happen either.

Panel 4: I still have a hard time believing this. Who would care that much about one schoolteacher and/or one cop? Are the goings-on in Mtig a constant source of gossip? Is the social life of every officer in the OPP fully documented? Or is everyone tuned in to news that affects Liz? OR, is this a matter of Warren actively sniffing around, asking about Paul, his competition, so he would know if and when he could make a play for Liz again? And for once, I don't blame Liz for being pissed. The Mtigians may not have been obligated to tell her anything, but Warren deliberately set her up, for his own ultimate purpose.

And also, this seems to support the theory that Paul and Susan have been involved for some time! Not just a recent development, for which we were all giving them the benefit of the doubt! So I guess it's settled: Paul is a lying bastard, Warren is a manipulator, and Granthony never does anything wrong (that a Patterson will admit to). Poor Stachio is just a victim of circumstances, and will soon join his fellow victim in the garden of love.

Panel 5: It's like someone said last week. No one gets over Liz, ever. I'd look like that too, if I were her. You didn't "leave off," Warren. You were over. Not on a break, not seeing other people. When you last saw her in 2005, she was with someone else. You said yourself that you'd been dating other people, so why are you acting like Liz is the only single woman on earth?
Tags: helicopter, liz of troy, warren, white goose returns

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