November 7th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 8 November 2014: Elly Patterson must die.

We end the week with Elly whining that since they have to drive the kids places, they've become spoiled monsters who deny the absolute truth that children who ask things of their parents are spoiled monsters who want to dictate to adults and take over the house because Lynn is an authoritarian bullshit artist with a martyrdom complex.

(Strip Number 974, Original Publication Date, 9 November 1985)

Panel 1: Panicky Idiot (as well as Shitty Parent) Elly shares the new schedule with John and reminds him that Mike has hockey, computer classes, swimming and music lessons.

Panel 2: Meanwhile, Lizzie has skating, art class and Saturday swim.

Panel 3: She then whines that there are no nights of the week left where one or both of them won't be chauffeuring kids.

Panel 4: Michael, in his hockey uniform, shouts for a taxi. This enrages Elly.

Summary: Elly's idea of utopia seems to be one in which she doesn't have to drive kids places while also not having them underfoot. This, I should think, is owing to the misapprehension that if her children were really grateful for her fictional sacrifices, they'd never ask anything of her. This would be bad enough had she not married someone with the same hateful character defect.