August 30th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 31 August 2014

We end the month with Elly being mildly upset that Liz parrots the angry, snippy, frigid words she uses when interacting with her and Michael but not so upset that she stops letting herself be the idiotic failure that screamed that she was through with motherhood like a raving maniac because she endured a mild frustration.

(Strip Number 7196, Original Publication Date, 1 September 1985)

Panel 1: We find Lizzie telling two of her rag dolls that she's going to sit them besides one another.

Panel 2: Lynn telegraphs the "Lizzie is pretending to be Mommy" punchline by telling that there'll be no fighting, understan'!!.

Panel 3: The strip most people will actually read starts with Lizzie hectoring her dolls to finish their veg'bles before telling them to look at the the mess on their plates and finishing by decrying the WASTE in this house.

Panel 4: She then harrumphs if that the dolls don't get into their 'jamas RIGHT NOW, there'll be NO bed time story.

Panel 5: She then tells the doll that her bedroom is a mess and to look at her closet.

Panel 6: Lizzie successfully emulates the Pious, Closed-Eyed-And-Minded Look of Not Looking At a Child and intones "No more'scuses! I'm tired of hearin'scuses! You got a job to do, you get it done!"

Panel 7: As Elly and Michael look out the back window, he asks her if she's been listening to Lizzie.

Panel 8: As she watches Lizzie continue to parrot her, Elly tells Mike that she's been listening to herself.

Summary: As we all know, this annoying spectacle will be repeated in ten years time because Elly never learns from her mistakes. Oh, she'd like to behave better and not be so hard on the kids but she has no "choice" in the matter because she doesn't want to lose face.