April 28th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

We continue merrily on with the 'Mike is a selfish, ungrateful little monster who NEVER, EVER appreciates all the nice things Elly does for him' arc with his being positioned as a selfish little slacker for wanting more money than the pittance he gets now.

(Strip Number 844, Original Publication Date, 30 April 1985)

Panel 1: After fishing out a super-generous two dollars and fifty cents, Elly adopts the "Look in Mike's direction with closed eyes as  if she smelled something awful" face and haughtily states that if he needs extra money, he has to earn it when he dares to reject her wonderful magnaminity. Why, next, he'll be telling an EVIL LIE about little he can get with that.

Panel 2: He then irritates her by selfishly and criminally asking what he can do that won't take hours and hours, leave him exhausted and actually be worth it.

Panel 3: Her reply is that they need to have a long talk about how horrible it is that he freeloads off of them when he clearly has enough surplus energy to support himself right now.

Panel 4: Since Mike is as dumb as a fencepost and doesn't realize he's about to get lectured about his supposed parasitism by his alleged mother, he stupidly asks Gobsmackzilla how much it'll pay.

Summary: Tomorrow, Elly tags in John to bellow about how selfish and lazy Mike is for not wanting to work himself to death for chump change on the behalf of selfish, cruel and hateful adults who envy him his supposed freedom and non-existent carefree life.