January 25th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 26 January 2014

John's attempt to jolly Elly into admitting that her body image issues are bogus fall flat because he's too stupid to realize that self-hatred is what Elly is all about.

(Strip Number 6147, Original Publication Date, 27 January 1985)

Panel 1: We find ourselves in the master bedroom watching Elly squeeze herself into her dated-looking exercise clothes. As she does so, John expresses his disbelief that she has to wear something that undignified just to do some exercises.

Panel 2: She tells him "Listen....when you go to war, you wear a uniform!!"

Panel 3: The strip most of Lynn's fans will read starts with her slumped on the bed in despair. When John asks her what the matter is, she says that she hates her body.

Panel 4: John asks her point-blank what's wrong with the way she looks.

Panel 5: She tells him that she's shaped like a gourd. Insert comment about a zucchini (that being the vegetable she's actually shaped like) also being a gourd here.

Panel 6: John tries to console her by telling her that the painter Reubens would have thought she was a classic female shape.

Panel 7: He tells her to cheer up because she does have the perfect body after all.

Panel 8: His mildly derisive comment about how her real problem is her being born in the wrong century gets her so pissed, she throws a shoe at him for being a wise-ass.

Summary: This strip and its sisters leave us all with a question to ponder: "Is John being a passive-aggressive creepmobile who feigns sympathy for his lard-butted wife or a misunderstood dolt who witlessly and incessantly fails to remember that her self-hatred makes her translate everything anyone says into confirmation that she's too fat to live?" Sadly, Lynn's commentary on the subject tend to make me think that in real life, Rod fell sweetly into the second category.