January 22nd, 2014

Angry Candiru

Thursday, 23 January 2013

In today's strip, Phil reacts poorly to Mike's wanting there to be a pill or a ray that made him instantly good at the trumpet without having to endure the unrewarding torture that is practice; this is because the poor dodo doesn't understand what's really going on.

(Strip Number 789, Original Publication Date, 23 January 1985)

Panel 1: A very pissed-off Phil tells Michael to can it with the monkey business already.

Panel 2: As he gets ready to slouch out of the room, Phil channels Elly as he turns his back to the nephew he can't be expected to look at and lectures him about how he can't be asked to waste his time teaching him if he won't take things seriously.

Panel 3: Mike says something that should raise alarm bells when he talks about how hard practice is and how he wishes that there were a pill he could take to be instantly good without practicing and failing and being humiliated and having Elly berate him for stabbing her in the heart and so on and so forth.

Panel 4: Since Phil never quite got that not all students respond to his technique of making him hate him so much they'd learn just to spite him, this causes him to ask for an aspirin.

Summary: Another thing that Phil doesn't quite see is that in Mike's eyes, he's outed himself as just another grown-up who hates the idea that children can laugh and play and have fun and is Hell-bent on destroying happiness because he's evil and cruel and so on and so forth. This appears to be a problem that his model has as well.....as his many negative ratings from his students can attest.