December 28th, 2013


Dear Mr. Watterson

I recently saw the documentary Dear Mr. Watterson at my local arts theater.   I can recommend it to any fan of Calvin and Hobbes.  As it relates to For Better or For Worse, there was no interview with Lynn Johnston, but strangely enough she was quoted by Lee Salem, her former editor and also the editor of Calvin and Hobbes.

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Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 29 December 2013

In today's strip, Lynn makes a ham-fisted point about how stoooooopid New Years' Eve traditions are.

(Strip Number 6146, Original Publication Date, 30 December 1984)

Panel 1: As Mike rifles through a box of party supplies, he invites Lizzie to take a look at them.

Panel 2: Lynn reminds us of her deaf ear for children's speech by having Lizzie ask "Yah?"

Panel 3: Michael tells Lizzie that Mom bought a bunch of noisemakers for a New Years' Eve party. She asks "Party?" because Lynn doesn't know how children speak.

Panel 4: He tells Lizzie that what happens is that the adults all get together with drinks in their hands as they stand around and talk until midnight.

Panel 5: He then says that the adults yell HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! and play with their noisemakers.

Panel 6: While it's good to see kids having fun with toys, history teaches us that it can't last longé

Panel 7: They continue to make enough noise to summon forth a demon of stupidity, hypocrisy and blind panic.

Panel 8: They succeed in doing so; that's because Elly's disembodied head materializes and spoils everyone's fun by yelling ":Michael and Elizabeth, put those down!"

Panel 9: The rest of Elly makes the scene so she can carry the party favors away and walk away from them with her eyes closed and tell them that the noisemakers are for adults.

Summary: This tells me that we can look forward to a rather stupid Lynnsight that makes a pointless point about how liquor plus adults equals childishness. (As opposed to fistfights, battered spouses, sedans wrapped around hydro poles and the like.)