December 3rd, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

We get more of Lynn's patented Christmas aggravation today when John gets pissed off the string of lights he spent hours putting up doesn't work.

(Strip Number 758, Original Publication Date, 5 December 1984)

Panel 1:Despite the blowing snow, John finally gets the outdoor Christmas Lights strung when he asks Michael to plug them in.

Panel 2: It would seem that Mike said that he already did; this angers him because he's just put up the string that doesn't work.

Panel 3: John reacts to the aggravating discovery that he's spent all of that time putting up the broken lights by swearing angrily.

Panel 4: Michael reminds him to be jolly.

Summary: Were John any other person, I'd share both his frustration and his need to tell Mike where to stick his advice. Given that he's the king of verbal and emotional abuse, I really don't care what happens to him just so long as it hurts him.