October 17th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 18 October 2013

Today, we usher in the other part of Mike's campaign to destroy Elly's ability to express herself when he, Gordo and the other chaos-loving children want to use the Pattermanse as Party Central.

(Strip Number 728, Original Publication Date, 19 October 1984)

Panel 1: Gordon kick-starts the B plot by telling Mike, Lawrence, Darryl and Janice that maybe it'd be a great idea to have a Halloween party at someone's house this year.

Panel 2: The host would have to rent some videos while they themselves came up in costume.

Panel 3: He then reminds them that the host would also have to get soda, snack food and so on and so forth. Mike agrees that this is a great idea.

Panel 4: It's such a great idea that he thinks that an unaware Elly would love to do so.

Summary: As Bill Cosby used to say, RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!! Elly would sooner let Lizzie dress as Lady Gaga than host horrible, chaos loving children who get in the way of her sitting on her arse, staring out the window and whimpering that no one on Earth has ever suffered more than she has and no one ever will.
Snarky Candiru2

Somewhat off-topic: Halloween 1985

Remember how I keep saying that I think that Lynn made a bit of a misstep not following the Strip of Destiny with the daily from 1 September 1980? If she'd arranged things so that we didn't have to deal with new-ruins, we would currently be discussing the boy-girl Halloween Dance. As you will recall, Lynn started the thing with dim-wit Mike stupidly insulting Deanna so that his imbecile friends wouldn't ride him about being in looooove with a girl. Things proceeded on from there with Brian telling Mike and Gordo about the party itself. After Mike makes an asinine comment about not getting cooties and not having Elly harsh his groove and after we endure a conversation in which Ted is lambasted for being on the fence about dating a volatile twinkie, we dive right on into things.

What happens first is that Elly volunteers to chaperone the party in order to apologize to the school for Mike being somehow born a defiant, chaos-loving monster despite her "attempts" to civilize him. As one could guess, Mike is less than thrilled with this development. Second, we have to deal with the fact that Deanna is as ready to understand that Mike had to insult her in order to survive as Mike will be ready to understand that Martha had no choice but to read his private note to her friends. Third, Brian, Gordo and Darryl decide to make Mike the prop in their theme costume.

The dance itself begins with Elly showing up at just the right moment to make Mike look like a big, stupid idiot with her big, stupid clown costume and concludes with
snippy idiot Deanna letting her hurt feelings make everyone's life that much the worse.
The immediate after-effect was that Mike somehow managed to squeeze out an apology. The long-term effect is that it ends up taking a car wreck for Deanna to finally get it through her thick skull that Mike had a sloppy, embarrasing crush on her back in the day. This means that she spent the greater part of her life thinking of him as a scruffy little creep six-year-old. Granted, she was right about that part but not about the "creepy stalker freak-of-nature" part.