September 16th, 2013

Angry Candiru

Tuesday, 17 September 2013: John Patterson of Earth: DIE!!!

In today's strip, oafish jackass John reminds us he thinks that women have no other purpose than to look after insensitive vermin like himself.

(Strip Number 708, Original Publication Date, 18 September 1984)

Panel 1: Elly hints at how this arc is going to end by swearing under her breath and thought-bubbling she's been somehow forced into re-folding Michael's clothes.

Panel 2: She complains that he simply pulls stuff out without thinking about it because he just doesn't care about anything.

Panel 3: As idiot John looks on, she yells "WHEN THE HELL IS HE GOING TO START KEEPING HIS DRAWERS TIDY?!"

Panel 4: Unfrozen Caveman Dentist John enters and tells her to let his future wife worry about keeping his things tidy.

Summary: A better man, a man capable of self-reflection and empathy would probably say "When you stop doing it for him and make it stick." Not this asswipe. Nope. Just not in him. Boy, howdy, Deanna loves her some awful people, doesn't she?
Snarky Candiru2

Off Topic: Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati.....

The interesting thing about this current arc is that Steve Smith recently had yet another of his Red Green's Guides to Something or Other published. The current one is "The Beginner's Guide To Women." The reason that I think this an interesting thing is that we're given a series of mildly comedic essays that have Red try to share his alleged wisdom with the masses just as John shares his wisdom with Michael.

While in the case of the Foobiverse, nothing is learned, we learn a great deal from Red and the Gang at the Lodge owing to Mr Smith being as subtle as a knee to the groin about Red's blindspots and vast ignorances. We learn that there is one thing, one sole contributing factor that surpasses all others in explaining why there is any sort of tension, acrimony, hurt feelings and so on and so forth in Red's marriage. Steve Smith helps his readers identify this factor by putting it on the cover:

 photo 9780385677639height281maxwidth190_zpsbbe51d34.jpg

Hint: It sincerely believes that an upright vacuum cleaner is THE anniversary present. Simply put, it's a companion to the series in that it's a jeremiad about man-children like Red who do little more than get in their wives' way.