August 23rd, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 24 August 2013

We end the "Mike deliberately makes Elly miserable by not letting her define who he is" arc with Mike noting that Elly thinks that she should be the only one who defines who he is. Given that he's currently a bad author because she dropped strong hints that he should do so in order to finally please her, guess who won that argument?

(Strip Number 689, Original Publication Date, 25 August 1984)

Panel 1: Mike shows Blonde Gordo to marvel at the fact that someone threw away a perfectly good plastic baseball bat.

Panel 2: Sure, it's got a split down the side but that means that he can fill it full of junk and swing it around.

Panel 3: He thinks the dump would be a great place to work when he grows up.

Panel 4: Of course his mom would want him to go to university first.

Summary: Were Elly to overhear this, she'd spend a week panicking like an idiot because Mike wanted to ruin her life by deciding for himself what he wanted to be instead of paying her back for feeding, clothing and housing him by becoming a crappy author churning out abuse porn for Lifetime Canada. (This channel actually exists, BTW) Good thing for him that Phil spends the next four weeks being a whiny little bitch because he's gotta quit smoking; when that's over with, Mike forgets all about terrible, terrible freedom.