August 16th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 17 August 2013

In today's strip, Michael hammers a few more nails into Elly's side by not admitting that his room is supposed to look as if it was never occupied by a human being and never will be.

(Strip Number 683, Original Publication Date, 18 August 1984)

Panel 1: As he gets ready to put his belongings away, Elly tells Mike that it must be great to get back to his own room.

Panel 2: She then tells him that she cleaned out his closets and drawers while he was away.

Panel 3: Now that she's thoughtfully erased any sign of his presence, she declares the room to be in perfect condition and wants to see how long he can keep it looking that way.

Panel 4: He hatefully defies the laws of God and Man by dumping his stuff on the floor.

Summary: This, of course, is seen as being a terrible thing to do to the poor mother who only wants to save him from the terrible, awful idea that he's an individual in his own right and not the extension of his parent's ego that the Sainted Prophet John Rosemond says he is.
Snarky Candiru2

A thought-experiment: John gets a vasectomy.......

Here's an interesting little idea that josephusrex put into my head the other day when we were talking about how April ruined everyone's life forever by daring to be born. I'd said that if Elly didn't want to be oopsed, she'd have stuck to her guns about John getting a vasectomy. He'd said that it'd be fairly entertaining to see because he expected to see three things: John regarding it as a form of castration, Elly asking the question "Who else do you WANT to have children with?" and the two of them trying really hard to keep the kiddies in the dark. The reason that these responses are about what we could all expect reveal basic truths about the characters.

First off, John seems to see himself as the victim of a conspiracy of females to either physically or socially castrate him and this leave him the helpless victim of ridicule and abuse. Rather than admit that he's a callous, abusive oaf who can't care about anyone who ain't him, he bleats about people wanting to neuter him because they're crazy and wrong. He'd probably prove that by asking Elly to go through the painful and intrusive step of having her tubes tied so that he wouldn't have to endure day surgery.

Secondly, Elly seems to be obsessed with the idea that given half a chance, a man is going to cheat on her. We don't know a Hell of a lot about her teenaged years but it seems to me that she'd made more of a relationship with some boy she had a thing for than he did. The trauma of being told "I'm just not that into you" seems to have been so great that fearing the jeering of the uncaring, she fled her home and didn't stop until she got to Toronto. This means that she's gotta think that if he doesn't want to be neutered, he must want to bang his harem.

Third, we have to deal with the fact that both of them fear and hate the idea that their children know things that they don't feel comfortable talking about. If they can keep them ignorant, they don't have to face uncomfortable conversations and don't have to worry about their children being truly autonomous adults.

The result would be progressive and ground-breaking but for all the wrong reasons....just like the Housening and Settlepocalypse.