August 13th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

In today's strip, Lynn once again displays her lack of awareness of Lizzie would really react in this situation by having her say that since she knows where she is, that must mean that MOMMY is the one who's lost.

(Strip Number 680, Original Publication Date, 15 August 1984)

Panel 1: Lizzie's emerging from the photo booth and yelling frantically for Mommy attracts the attention of a woman in her fifties or sixties.

Panel 2: Realizing that the child has been separated from her mother in the crowd, the woman asks Lizzie where her mother is. Lizzie dunno.

Panel 3: She points at the photo booth as she explains that she went in there to sit down and when she came out...

Panel 4: .....MOMMY WAS LOST!!!!!!

Summary: If there are notes, Lynn will have us believe that small children actually think like this instead of how they'd really react. In the real world, Lizzie would have no idea where she is and howl for Mommy to come get her; after all, Mommy knows where Nizzie is 'cause Mommies know everythin'.