August 10th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 11 August 2013

In today's strip, John stupidly fails to see that when people make an asinine joke about one of his patients biting him, they're laughing mostly at his refusal to see that they're making an asinine joke about one of his patients biting him.

(Strip Number 7164, Original Publication Date, 12 August 1984)

Panel 1: We start things off with John in his workshop doing something with a chisel.

Panel 2: He carelessly jams the chisel into his index finger and yells out in pain.

Panel 3: The next day, we find him at the clinic. A patient I'll call Mrs Gronvlop notices the bandage on his finger and asks if one of his patients bit him.

Panel 4: Since John is a dullard, he doesn't realize that his explaining that he cut it with a chisel is why the woman is smiling at him. Simply put, his not playing along like a sane person is way funnier than the original gag.

Panel 5: His next patient, a Mr Potrzebie, also notices the bandage and makes the same silly joke.

Panel 6: Dimwit John's need to explain something that the man already knows is sheer hilarity.

Panel 7: An older man I'll call Grandpa Maldehyde makes the same witticism and John also tries to correct him.

Panel 8: A young woman comes in, points at the bandage and asks John what happened.

Panel 9: He frowns in world-weary anger and says the someone bit him.

Summary: Not only is John too stupid to understand when people are kidding, he's enough of a pompous ass to think that they don't actually have a fair idea of what really happened. Ah, well. Twas ever thus with the sort of jerk who runs around chasing fat kids with a towel in gym class.
Snarky Candiru2

Elly Patterson and the python incident:

As I type this, two small boys in the North of the province in which I live are being laid to rest after an eminently preventable death. As you have all probably heard on the news, Noah and Connor Barthe of Campbellton, New Brunswick were asphyxiated in their sleep by an African rock python that had somehow escaped the cage it was in. While it’s still up for grabs who is ultimately at fault for all of this, certain things aside from the seizure and euthanization of other animals that were in the exotic pet store that aren’t allowed in the province should result from this. The coroner’s inquest that will no doubt be held will very likely state that more oversight should be put in place over exotic pet shops and that exotic pets seized from people who bring them in the province illegally should be put in zoos and not pet stores as happened here.

The reason that I mentioned this is that this is what rational people who understand the stakes will end up deciding. What interests me is what people who don’t know thing one about anything and race around in a blind, ill-informed panic would have to say. People like the Pattersons. Elly, as by way of example, impresses me as seeing the world the way a six-year old does in that if one bad thing happens somewhere, it’s just going to keep on happening. In her mind, New Brunswick isn’t going to be a quiet little place with pretty fall color and a struggling economy. After today, it’s going to be a Hell on Earth swarming with snakes that want to kill and eat every child everywhere. Also, Deanna will show us and Katie what a GOOD mother of Lynn’s grandbabies is by wanting to run around and kill every snake ever while Liz and Anthony will show us what bad parents are by trying to understand the issues and argue rationally instead of running around in a blind, ill-informed panic. Finally, we’ll have good and bad utter lack of information from Mike and John. While Mike’s total ignorance of the need to kill every reptile everywhere will be because he’s trying to support everyone, John’s utter ignorance will be because he wants to isolate himself from his family because he’s dumb and mean.