August 8th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 9 August 2013

In today's strip, Elly stupidly takes Lizzie with her to the airport and proceeds to lose her in the crowd.

(Strip Number 676, Original Publication Date, 10 August 1984)

Panel 1:: Today, we find ourselves at Pearson International. As Elly rushes to meet Mike at the gate, she tells Lizzie that they are there in plenty of time because Mike's plane lands in half an hour. Since Elly is too stupid to look down and pay attention to her child, I think that someone has just tempted Fate.

Panel 2: She then cautions Lizzie since this is a busy airport, she should take Mommy's hand so she won't get lost! (You're just telling her this NOW? Kiss your thirty minute lead time goodbye, idiot!!)

Panel 3: Having actually looked down, she notices that it's a bit too late for that advice. She leads off by asking "Lizzie?"

Panel 4: She then screams "ELIZABETH?!"

Summary: This is more proof that Elly is not especially that smart. She should have either left Lizzie at Annie's or done that hold-my-hand thing when they got out of the car. We get further proof next week when she accuses Lizzie running away. It's not about how stupid Elly doesn't look at her or account for the fact that Lizzie can't hear Mommy over the crowd....April toppled into the riverLizzie ran off!!