May 27th, 2013

Lynn (and others) at the Comic Arts Festival

Cookie Monster and I are on the east coast for the time being, and it was a total fluke that he heard about this. Pittsburgh has a ToonSeum, and this year they had the honor of hosting a Comic Arts Festival. The highlight was a Women in Comics panel discussion. Hilary Price (Rhymes With Orange) was the moderator, and the other four speakers were Jen Sorenson (Slowpoke), Terri Libenson (Pajama Diaries), Cathy Guisewite, and of course, Lynn.

I'd never heard of Slowpoke or Pajama Diaries before this, but now I'm going to check them out. Not a big fan of Rhymes With Orange, either, but Price was a funnier speaker than (IMHO) a cartoonist. They all drew their characters on a projector, and Guisewite showed what Cathy would look like with a nose! Waaaaaaay too subversive for the comics page, let's put it that way.

Okay, so Lynn. One thing she said surprised me. If I understood correctly, Michael Patterson was not so named because Aaron Johnston's middle name is Michael; he was named after Mike Bonawhatsisname, her BIL's partner. Was he murdered? I think she also said that. Second, the last question Price posed was "How has the internet affected your work?" Lynn was the last to answer, and the gist of it was "The last few years, I was glad I was ending the strip, because so many people on the net were so mean-spirited! I mean, I like getting compliments, but there were so many nasty comments!"

So afterwards, there was a signing. I got a sketch from Guisewite, which will be my mom's birthday present next month. Then I moved on to Lynn. Introduced myself by name and as the creator of the Foobiverse LJ. She seemed more amused than offended. Again, paraphrased, but her reply was along the lines of "Oh, it wasn't just you."

Me: You mean Comics Curmudgeon?

Lynn: Oh, I don't know.

Me: Well, I'm sorry if you thought we were mean-spirited, but I thought the strip was mean-spirited for the last few years. (I know I said that, because I came up with it while waiting in line.)

Lynn: (mumble)

Me: I thought April was treated very badly. John never built that basement suite for her; Deanna made her babysit at Christmas dinner--

Lynn: It's a comic strip. Get over it.

And her eyes went blank, so I moved on. Anyway, that's what I did yesterday. I also met Rob Rogers, but I'll post about that later *if* anyone's interested.
Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Today's strip has Elly's fears of being chained to the house worsening when clueless Mike makes an off-hand comment about how she's not a REAL mom now that she's working outside the hooooooooome.

(Strip Number 619, Original Publication Date, 29 May 1984)

Panel 1: As Mike eats his breakfast, Elly complains that she's all ready to go out but Elizabeth is sick.

Panel 2: There she is, all ready to go to work and now, she has to call playcare, call the library, change her plans and so on and so forth.

Panel 3: Back when she was chained to the house she views as a combination between a penitentiary and a graveyard for her hopes, this sort of thing wasn't a problem.

Panel 4: Since Mike never quite realized that Elly wanted more out of life being his mother, he has no idea why his saying "Yeah... you were a real mom then!" might be taken as badly as Elly does here.

Summary: As I've said before, the Mike who's currently out of his depth dealing with his own placid imbecile children never seems to have figured out that his behavior constituted a problem. He simply isn't aware that he is part of why Elly is the frustrated mess he warned Rhetta about when he brought her over to meet the family. Granted, he's also not aware of why he's been programmed to think that way but to explain is not to excuse.