May 17th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 18 May 2013

We end the week with Elly wondering out loud why everything she wants to get rid of is a treasure only to have John declare something that she wants to keep a piece of old junk.

(Strip Number 614, Original Publication Date, 19 May 1984)

Panel 1: Elly expresses her angered confusion about her family's resistance to helping her out with the yard sale by asking why things (like the rag doll Lizzie is holding) suddenly become too precious to part with the second that she decides to sell them.

Panel 2: Elly then makes an angry remark about the fact that the house is just littered with junk that nobody uses.

Panel 3: John tries getting into the spirit of things by offering to throw away a hideous clock.

Panel 4: Her response is to yell "Are you kidding? My MOTHER gave me that!!!"

Summary: The premise of this one is that the only person whose belongings are not too precious to part with are Elly's; since her family loves chaos and hates her, they get to keep their crap while she's supposed to smile and watch them erase every trace of her identity.