April 22nd, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

In today's strip, Phil gets so wrapped up in boasting about what a great cook he is, he burns the Hell out of dinner. If there are notes, watch them be a condescending pile of mush about how only WE WOMEN know what we're doing in the kitchen.

(Strip Number 600, Original Publication Date, 24 April 1984)

Panel 1: As Elly looks on, Phil tells her that he's mixing a little bok choy, green pepper, onion and soya (I thought at first that he meant 'tofu' but since Lynn wants to pretend that Canadians talk like the British, he probably means 'soy sauce') together in his new wok.

Panel 2: As John's silhouette hovers over dinner, Phil explains to Elly how he loves to cook as it's like conducting a symphony. Given that Phil has made the beginner mistake of walking away from the wok, he can be likened to a man trying to conduct a symphony while standing in the gent's room.

Panel 3: The reason he made the analogy to music is that he's about to compare a good meal to an arrangement of flavors, colors and aromas all blending together to make a harmonious whole.

Panel 4: John interrupts Phil mid-gush to tell him that he is burning the butt off Beethoven's 5th.

Summary: What really annoys me about the scraping Phil/Alan is going to get for being a dumb MAN who can't think about what he's doing in the kitchen is that it took two stupid men to ruin dinner. Simply put, stunned John is at much fault as bloated idiot Phil is because he stood there like a wooden Jesus in a country graveyard watching the butt get burnt off the symphony but did sweet Richard all.

Worst Pharmacist in Canada (Real-Life Edition)?

Okay, so I was searching the usenet group misc.kids.breastfeeding for an old thread about Lynn Johnston and FBoFW, and I found an interesting tidbit I don't recall seeing when it was first posted. There was a discussion on Dee's pregnancy--whether she "oopsed" Mike or was just a poor pharmacist. Here's the bit that got my attention:
Well, according to the e-mail I got from the author, it was left rather vague on purpose. (She said she consulted a real pharmacist who said the 'pill change' thing was valid, but, of course, in the strip, several people seem to think that she had 'oopsed' Michael on purpose. What 'really' happened? Dunno...
So maybe Lynn consulted with the very worst of all pharmacists in Canada when planning Dee's pregnancy arc.