April 19th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 20 April 2013

We end the week with a sort of coming-attractions reel; this is because Michael makes the stupid mistake of asking how long it'll be before he gets bigger and knows everything. The reason that this is a mistake is that John gets to deliver the first shot across the bow in Lynn's on-going campaign to berate adolescents for yearning for freedom.

(Strip Number 598, Original Publication Date, 21 April 1984)

Panel 1: As Michael plays with one of his presents, John asks him how it feels to be a year older.

Panel 2: Michael shrugs and says that he feels the same as he did before.

Panel 3: He then sets up the weak punchline by asking how long it'll be before he's bigger and knows everything.

Panel 4: John makes the same soap opera pose Elly does when he turns his back to Mike, sighs and says that he'll be a teenager in four years.

Summary: This is the first hint that we've been given that in four years, Michael will stop being evil because he wants attention and start being evil because he wants independence. Jinkies! I'm stoked!