April 5th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 6 April 2013

We switch to the B-plot about Elly's aerobics class as John gives Michael an asininely cynical answer to Abandonment Issues Lad's question about why Elly can't stay home and exercise.

(Strip Number 827, Original Publication Date, 7 April 1984)

Panel 1: Michael asks John where Elly is. John says she's at an exercise class.

Panel 2: Michael, having observed that she went the other night, wonders why she goes so often.

Panel 3: He then asks why Elly goes to a class at all when she could exercise at home.

Panel 4: John tells him that misery loves company.

Summary: The reason he says stuff like this is because he doesn't want to feed Mike's fear that Elly wants to run far away from him because she hates him and wants him to never have love or affection because he ruined her life. He also doesn't want to admit that he wants her exercise regime to fail so that he can eat greaseburgers without fear of green, leafy vegetables.