March 10th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 11 March 2013

We begin the week with Elly getting off work Elly so she can pick Mike up at 3:45. When her co-worker Monique asks if he has the flu, Elly tells her that he's bringing the class hamster home with him.

(Strip Number 569, Original Publication Date, 12 March 1984)

Panel 1: We find ourselves at the library today; as Elly looks over some artwork she's doing, she tells Monique that she'll have to finish it at home because she has to rush off to Michael's school.

Panel 2: She then says that she's picking him up at 3:45 and hopes the car is warm enough.

Panel 3: Monique asks if he's coming down with the flu.

Panel 4: A gobsmacked Elly tells her that he's coming home with a hamster.

Summary: While this arc is about how Lynn got talked into hamster-sitting once and thoroughly hated it, today's strip is accompanied by a Lynnsight reminding us that the real Monique won the right to be a comic strip character on a reality show.