February 14th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 15 Febuary 2013

In today's strip, Darryl, Lawrence and Gordo act the way normal third-graders do when they encounter a classmate getting all romantic by making ugly, braying little irritants of themselves. The interesting thing is not the boys acting like real he-man wimmin-haters, though. The interesting thing is that Deanna proves herself remarkably consistent. This is because she does not notice that Mike feels like a fool but instead comments on how juvenile the lads are. The interesting thing is that she's just as sensitive and observant today.

(Strip Number 551, Original Publication Date, 15 February 1984)

Panel 1: About a second after yesterday's strip, Darryl comes up and notices that Mike gave Deanna a Valentine.

Panel 2: He then promises to alert Mike's (alleged) friends about this.

Panel 3: Since they're regular kids who are busy defining themselves by figuring out what they're not, they react to what they perceive as Mike's girling himself up by chanting "Michael loves Deanna", laughing at his expense and bringing up a lot a bad memories for your humble servant.

Panel 4: Deanna also reminds me of why I couldn't wait to grow up and get away from my irritating and stupid classmates by not noticing that Mike feels betrayed but commenting on how they're such children.

Summary: What makes me angry isn't the unlovely behaviour of Gordon and the rest because they grow out of it. What gets me cheesed off is that Deanna is still the same huffy, oblivious, self-absorbed and entitled dolt she was twenty-nine God-damned years ago.