February 1st, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 2 February 2013

We end the week with John telling Elly that once upon a long time ago, he too used to like working for a living. This astonishes her because she can't remember that he doesn't consider housework to be work.

(Strip Number 544, Original Publication Date, 4 February 1984)

Panel 1: We end the day with John and Elly in bed; she reminds him that she's excited about her job at the library because it feels as if there's a whole world opening up for her.

Panel 2: She then asks John if he's angry. He says that he's actually more jealous than upset.

Panel 3: You see, he also used to enjoy working.....once.

Summary: Boy, howdy, is John ever from the fifties. It's like he can't allow himself to see housework as work. That being said, we can probably expect a passive-aggressive comment about how Rod didn't like Merv's words put in his mouth. Or, for that matter, another lecture about how dentistry was an evil rat-race that was killing him so could he please quit and let Lynn take care of him, there's a good boy.
Multnomah Falls: summer

A slam to zombie strips! (and his own doing reruns while on vacation)

Betcha didn't see this coming, O Lynn, "friend" of Trudeau (whom she referred to as a "wuss" for taking vacations)!


I'm also amused that Zonker is the one who knows and understands the current news story about the dead girlfriend on Facebook hoax (which I haven't been following in Real Life), while Mike is the one who is shocked that she's not real, probably because in my research yesterday, I stumbled across the one where Mike accidentally tells Zonker that there's no Santa Claus.

A couple of more things about the strip--

With her mom abadoning her (and probably her dad did too, on an emotional level--hiring a maid, going bowling, same stuff, day in and day out that her mom fled), is it any wonder that J.J. wanted a career as a performance artist, where everyone would pay attention to her?  And once she reached a certain point in her life, that she turned to large, you-have-to-look-at-it-or-you'll-walk-into-it sculpture?

As for Gary himself, he was (and is married to) Jane Paulie, who was a host on the  Today show when they got married; he had Joanie and Rick married the same day as he and Jane.  And yes, Jane was often asked on the show about how much of Doonesbury was based on their lives.
They have twin daughters, but  I don't know if they were born around the same time as Jeff.