January 27th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 28 January 2013

We begin the Elly gets a job arc with John whining about the terrible sacrifice of having to wait to use the bathroom because Elly has to get ready. When it turns out that he's whining because he stupidly keeps all his stuff in the upstairs bedroom, you can see why an angry loudmouth from Saint John wants to make an acidic comment about how the lazy jackass can just get up earlier like an adult.

(Strip Number 4409, Original Publication Date, 30 January 1984)

Panel 1: We start the week off with John standing outside the bathroom door asking Elly if she's done using the bathroom yet. Elly tells him to use the one downstairs.

Panel 2: He loses my sympathy right here by whining that he can't do that because all his stuff is up here. This is because it hit me that the jackass either didn't realize that he'd have to adapt to change or thought he could whine or bully his way into having to not adapt.

Panel 3: As Elly puts her face on, she tells him that now that she's got a day job, they're just going to have share the bathroom in the morning.

Panel 4: Petulant Man-Child John whines that this isn't sharing, this is SACRIFICE.

Summary: Caustic and embittered blowhard Paul J of Saint John, NB says that this is actually piss-poor planning on their part. A sane person would either get up earlier, share the bathroom with his wife or make some sort of arrangement in which he can take his shaving kit downstairs. A sane person would also have worked this out long before this. Since John didn't do any of that and he's also a whiny little boy throwing a fit because people don't scurry around to do what he wants, I have no sympathy for him.