January 25th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 26 January 2013

We end the week with Rod getting slammed by proxy again. This is because Lynn trots out her favourite non-joke about how John doesn't consider what Elly does to be work again.

(Strip Number 4408, Original Publication Date, 28 January 1984)

Panel 1: We begin the strip with Elly folding some laundry and cheerily answering "Uh-huh!" when Mike asks her if she starts work Monday.

Panel 2: We next find Elly walking down the hall with a basket of clothes that obscures her vision enough so that she can't see that she's about to collide with Lizzie. As she does so, John says "Yeah...you's better enjoy this while you can, honey!"

Panel 3: He then says that she's only got a few days left of freedom. This astonishes her because "freedom" seems to consist of her wiping off counters and cupboards covered in mucky handprints, being clung to by crying little girls and having big, dumb dogs bowl over nine year old sons who end up spilling milk over the carpet.

Summary: As the notes will indicate, a job outside is freedom while being a housewife is oppression. Also, expect husbands who think that housework is either mindless fun or what God intended women to do to get a scraping. Ah, well. At least Coffee Squawk is gone. That means that we no longer have to plow through letters about cameras in houses while wondering how many letters that tell Lynn what to do with her whinging got tossed down the memory hole.
Snarky Candiru2

Off Topic: The missing strip.......

Remember last November when Lynn dropped that ridiculously maudlin strip that had John and Elly whinge about how since they were THIRTY FIVE, they were practically dead? I did some checking and it seems to me that in order to make room for last Christmas's new-ruin, another real old-run got dropped. The reason I mention it is that it seems to help serve the story better by showing us why Elly wants to be out in the world so badly: to get away from her inept children before their clumsiness drives her bonko.

(Strip Number 4405, Original Publication Date, 21 January 1994)

Panel 1: We start things off with a smiling Elly mixing up some cookies and thought-bubbling that she feels wonderful today.

Panel 2: As she gets ready to put them in the oven, she tells herself "Let other people have their woes and worries...this is my day to howl!!"

Panel 3: This is what we call "tempting fate"; that's because Mike comes in talking about how Lizzie spilled a bottle of varnish in the hall carpet.

Panel 4: Elly's response is to howl in rage.

Summmary: Had this been reprinted, it would have no doubt been accompanied by a note about how we women end up losing a lot of time chasing after offsprings. Since it's not, let me treat you to MY notes:

DreadedCandiru2's Notes: While it is true that most parents do feel as if their backs are against the wall from time to time, it's also true that most parents do something the Pattersons never seem to do and take something called a "precaution" once in a while. As an example, what were Elly and John doing leaving an open can of varnish just lying around where a child could accidentally spill it? And why is it Lizzie's fault that a can her parents stupidly left in the hallway gets spilled?