December 29th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Today's strip starts off with Michael watching soft-core porn on television; when Elly finally notices this, she lectures him about how inappropriate skin flicks are and is so busy trying to keep him from 'arguing' with her that it takes until the rest of the strip for him to tell her that he's already seen the blasted thing twice already.

(Strip Number 7148, Original Publication Date, 1 January 1984)

Panel 1: We start things off with Mike sitting in front of the box watching a movie; said movie has its protagonists Rick and Gloria doing IT.

Panel 2: As they continue to do THINGY, Mike is somewhat astonished; after all, Rick is clearly engaged in behaviour that's sure to give him the cooties.

Panel 3: Elly, who's probably been off scrubbing the attic with a toothbrush or making another indigestible casserole or some damned thing, notices that Mike is watching something questionable.

Panel 4: Since it's finally dawned on her that Mike has been watching a skin flick while she's been asleep at the switchbusy with something important, she asks him what he thinks he's watching.

Panel 5: She then changes the channel and tells him that there's no way that what he's been watching is for kids; his use of the phrase "But Mom" indicates that he's either trying to debate the point or try to tell her something.

Panel 6: Either way, she isn't going to have it; rather than be questioned, she explains that porno is garbage and real relationships aren't anything like that because good, decent people don't like scary, icky, awful sex. He again tries to cut her off only to be cut off himself.

Panel 7: She steps right over his attempt to turn being ordered into a scary, wrong and evil debate by saying that she isn't going to let his head get filled with evil explicit, confusing and wrong information that might imply that scary, evil sex and the scary, evil feeling of release that comes after might possibly be good.

Panel 8: He is NOT going to watch that movie and that is that.

Panel 9: He finally says what he wanted to originally: he's already seen the bloody thing twice already. Elly stands there looking as if she'd been gaffed.

Summary: This, I think, shall be accompanied by a Lynnecdote about how it's the evil, scary media's job to do Lynn's work for her. After all, we can't expect a Lynnsight about how Lynn/Elly's need to monopolize the conversation led to her making a fool of herself or how Elly's criminal incompetence and chronic stupidity led to this sort of thing, right? (That being said, this punchline gets recycled in about three and a half years; as it is now, Mike watches R-rated films on cable because Elly is off somewhere else.)