December 22nd, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Today's strip is a mostly-dialogue free look at the Pattersons' Christmas Day; the sole element of dialogue (in which Lizzie wishes Jesus a happy birthday) is bound to get praise for the wrong reasons owing to it encouraging talk of the alleged war on Christmas which exists in the fevered imaginings of people who confuse being restrained from exercising the distasteful impulse they have of wanting to ram their viewpoint down the throats of the unwilling while having competing ideas banned utterly upon penalty of execution with being persecuted.

(Strip Number 7147, Original Publication Date, 25 December 1983)

Panel 1: We start things off in the early morning on Christmas Day as Mike and Lizzie walk silently down the hall. As they do so, Mike reminds Lizzie that she should be quiet.

Panel 2: The children marvel at the gifts under the Christmas tree.

Panel 3: A few minutes later, the rest of the family joins in and unwraps their gifts; Michael has a toy plane and Elly thanks John for the ring or whatever he bought her.

Panel 4: A few hours later, the family smiles in anticipation as Elly puts their turkey on the table.

Panel 5: Later that evening, Phil and Georgia come over bearing presents.

Panel 6: Lizzie looks on in mild confusion as the grown-ups drink and talk about a time long before she was born: the nineteen sixties.

Panel 7: She walks over to the window to look outside.

Panel 8: She looks at the crescent moon in the late December sky.

Panel 9: This causes her to wish Jesus a happy birthday.

Summary: While this strip is in and of itself harmless, we can count on it encouraging people to write letters praising Lynn for keeping Christ in Christmas; given that she doesn't seem to share their more homicidal version of wowserism, this is as misguided as linking a broken ornament to the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings.