December 16th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 17 December 2012

Today's strip has John berate Michael because his not listening and naughtiness (and not John driving like an Eastern European cab driver) broke the glass angel; Mike cries and asks John to not be mad because he's sad enough already.

(Strip Number 522, Original Publication Date, 19 December 1983)

Panel 1: Mike tells John that he didn't mean to break the angel; it was an accident.

Panel 2: John no-sells Mike's attempt to garner sympathy by blathering on about how he told him to not play with it (which he wasn't doing, you damned Commie!!!) but to keep it in the box.

Panel 3: The Once and Future Stupid Train [Boxcar] yaps on about how Mike never listens, never does what he's told.

Panel 4: A grief-stricken Mike tells his sullen jackass of a daddy to please not be mad because he's sad enough as it is.

Summary: God, what a stupid tool John is; all he ever does is bark orders and act disappointed in his son and he has the gall to wonder why Mike tunes him out.